Month: August 2009

  • Halfway?

    Unusually I’ve not blogged in 11 days. Actually, that’s not entirely true – I’ve been photo blogging (moblogging?) to Flickr. I’ve had a bit of a break at the end of the summer & we’ve been taking the kids on lots of daytrips, sending photos to Flickr & comments to Twitter as we go. I…

  • The brain has crumple zones?

    The brain’s sulci seem to play a role in physical damage limitation. A study modelled the effects of impact on normal brains and gyri and sulci free brains. The smooth brains were more vulnerable. Links: Wired article Ho J, Kleiven S. (2009). Can sulci protect the brain from traumatic injury?, J Biomech. Aug 11, epub…

  • Desire

    I just got back from a fairly tough run. Tough because it was a two hour run at the end of a long week of running, because I’m getting fatigued, because my lower legs feel like they’re made of wood, & because it was raining & I had a brutal headwind on the way out…

  • Can running help your knees?

    I’ve been aware of this for some time, but the New York Times have summarised some of the data suggesting that running is good for your knees. Most people seem to think that the impact of running is bad for your joints, but as long as you look after yourself and your joints you’re less…

  • AR Toys

    Via AugmentedPlanet

  • Bones

    Now that’s a vertebrate! I’d love to spend more time looking at dinosaur bones and the similarities between vertebrates on separate evolutionary destinations. Does anyone fancy another museum trip?

  • Long run day

    Day 8: Long run day, originally uploaded by samwebster. About to head out of the door for my first 20 mile run.

  • Twitter Down

    Wow, Twitter has been down for hours now. Do we go back to “traditional” blogging? – Water is pouring through the ceiling of reception in the School of Medicine. Neither my power or wifi were affected though. – Remote control of my iPhone on the bike is ace, just like in the old days of…

  • Decision time

    Most of the sports injuries I’ve had over the last year have been troubling but fairly easily and quickly remedied. Some have been long term problems that I was already aware of and have worked for months in the gym to try to fix, with much success. Very recently I’ve picked up my first connective…

  • Fooling


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    Fooling, originally uploaded by samwebster. On my day off, building a model skeleton with Jack.