Anatomy and the Outdoors.

Your body is your vehicle through life. Look after it.


Watch Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3. Can anybody hear me? from Lardmonster on

If you haven’t heard of Twitch, it’s a huge place where people play games and other people watch people play games. In fact, it has expanded far beyond that and you can watch people do all sorts of things. Maybe you want to learn how to cross stitch or about 3D printing?

Twitch (and other streaming platforms) are more than this. They are also places where people can connect, we can listen to regular voices in the background while we do things, and communities form. For some people, probably even more so in times like these, they’re a reliable form of social contact.

I thought I’d try to stream on Twitch a little regularly for some of these reasons. We can talk about stuff, or we can just play through some games. Whatevs.

This is me – Lardmonster on Twitch.

Not steep sea cliff climbing

There’s a storm coming.

We climbed at Crab Rock this week, which was a new spot for us on the Gower that we’ve been meaning to explore but can be a pain to find and get to. Our buddy, Ben, guided us down. The tide was coming in so we perched on a ledge like all good sea cliff climbing.

Also, Kim finds something weird when metal detecting.