I just got back from a fairly tough run. Tough because it was a two hour run at the end of a long week of running, because I’m getting fatigued, because my lower legs feel like they’re made of wood, & because it was raining & I had a brutal headwind on the way out when the path opened out by the sea.
The first couple of miles were a hobble but a running gait started to develop as wooden muscles warmed & softened. The rain wasn’t too bad but the wind slowed me down, so I was behind schedule at the turnaround. I was going to be late getting home to look after the kids (Kim teaches karate) so I increased my pace, & not just with wind assistance.
As the running got harder I thought of the upcoming marathon, the time I want, the distance, the pace required & so on. I found my desire, my visualisation of running around Trinity College with a particular time on my watch, getting stronger. It wasn’t a wish, or a calculated task, but a full-blown, strong, animal emotion. Hunger, need, ambition, lust, yearning, desire.
Excellent. It’s still there. Without it I’d fail.

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