Unusually I’ve not blogged in 11 days. Actually, that’s not entirely true – I’ve been photo blogging (moblogging?) to Flickr. I’ve had a bit of a break at the end of the summer & we’ve been taking the kids on lots of daytrips, sending photos to Flickr & comments to Twitter as we go. I never believed in convergence until I got an iPhone. It’s rather good.

I finished my 2nd training block of 4 in my marathon preparation. My legs felt awesome today – light & quick. I’m at the end of an easy recovery week and every day my run has got quicker & quicker. This block included my first 100km week of running (ever!), and that’ll be the standard for future weeks. My tendons are getting better so I’ll be putting the speedwork back in too, and probably be pushing it as hard as I can for the next 3 weeks. I still need to watch it & have got a fair bit of therapy planned with the man that looks after my legs.

After block 3 I have 1 tough (really, really tough 120km with nasties) week and then a 3 week taper to the marathon. If I get it right I should be feeling freaking awesome by the time I get to Dublin. You’ve no idea how good I feel running this week. 20 milers are no longer scary & I’m keen to stretch myself.

So I think I’m more than halfway there. I’ve got some challenging numbers spinning around inside my head.