Less thinking, more doing

What am I doing? I’m tired, I’ve got too much to do, I can’t afford it; so why am I doing this triathlon thing again?
It’s another one of those times of the year when the fatigue is starting to set in and the bank balance is starting to look unfriendly. I’ve almost finished my first build training block (just a week of rest and test coming up now) and the shift to high intensity training has knackered me out. I’ve got a book deadline in a couple of weeks, exams are looming (I’m setting them, not sitting them) and I have to wonder why I’m not getting fat and middle aged sat in front of my gaming PC with a big packet of biscuits and bottles of beer. Wouldn’t that be easier?

The truth is that I have a very low boredom threshold. I have to be doing something. A healthy something is better. And I love what I do.
The trick is that I make a plan at the beginning of the year, and once the plan is set in motion I don’t think. I just do. (That’s a little simplistic; I still have to think about what I’m doing but it works better if I generally switch my brain off and just get on with it).
Triathlon races are just over the horizon now. I’ve got a couple coming up in May to warm me up, and then I’ll be tapering for the European Age Group Championships in Austria in June. I’m hurting and I’m tired, but I’m doing what I do. I’m testing my hypotheses and following my plans. It’ll be fun to see the results, whatever they may be.
I’d better order my new GB trisuit.