Early season races

The first races of the season can be the most nervy. Right now I’ve got a lot of, erm, anticipation for a fairly minor race in my overall season. It’s a good thing. I love feeling like this.

I guess it’s a bit like the first night of a new play that you’ve been working on for months. You think it’s good, you’ve worked long and hard, it’s been fun but you don’t know how the first night will go or how the audience will react. What if they hate it? Have I thought of everything? What if? After the first night it gets a bit easier.

Maybe it’s like writing music, a book (yeah, I can vouch that it is like that for me – I’m doing both), or preparing for an exam. You think you’ve produced something very, very good, but you never really know until you put it out there. All the testing data in the world will only inform you about one thing: how well you do in tests. You never really know how well you perform in competition until you’ve competed.

Love it!