Still hungry

I’ve almost finished my fifth block of training in preparation for the 2012 triathlon season and I’m still looking forward to getting out on my bike and loving the early morning runs. Not bad, eh? The recent sunny weather and strong fitness probably help, but loving the training is a great sign.

Ok, the hill reps are getting a little wearing, and swimming can be a fight, but once I get into it I’m there, I’m in it, I’m banging out the reps and enjoying the effort. It never gets easier, you just get faster.

My left Achilles tendon got a little sore in the week after the half-marathon. I recovered well from the race but the overall load by the end of the week was too much. I felt the load building too, and discussed it in a gym session. The next day in a long run with tempo segments the soreness popped up. I should listen to my body and adjust. We all struggle with this but I’ll file this away for future use. Gareth had a look at the tendon and worked on my feet and calves, I adjusted my running schedule and it’s getting better. I’m able to pretty much maintain running volume cutting out the high effort stuff. Overall training load remains roughly where it should be.

Running in the morning. Lovely.