Month: June 2009

  • Tweet tweet



    One blogs a lot less when one uses Twitter. This is so short it should be a tweet.

  • Lightlane

    Finally someone found a use for lasers – showing cars how much space you need to give a cyclist! With a lot of winter mileage due this year I’d definitely buy one of these. Drivers seeing something different would be woken up for a moment, if nothing else. It looks like it gives a clear…

  • Wired: The Nike Experiment

    I don’t run with music, but a lot of the information about data collection and motivation in this article about Nike+, Apple, and running sits really well with my own experiences. Read the article: Wired Magazine, The Nike Experiment: How the Shoe Giant Unleashed the Power of Personal Metrics.

  • Llanelli 10K

    I raced again today, running at Llanelli, this time in the annual 10k race on the coastal path. The race report would be rather short, like the race: I ran hard from the start, trying to maintain a 5:45 min/mile pace (a bit of a big ask). I pretty much kept my place, if not…

  • Friday Thoughts

    I’ve just started to notice that I don’t get excited by much or nervous about anything anymore. I remember that I used to but I’m not sure when this change occurred. Maybe it was a gradual thing. Two current cases for this: i’m racing again this weekend but I never have any nerves in the…

  • Layar: First Mobile Augmented Reality Browser Is Your Real Life HUD

    See? This is what I’ve been talking about. Link: Gizmodo: Layar

  • Game over, man!

    So that’s it, the embryology lecture series has finished. The final result of the quiz series was a draw, with the boys winning the final lecture quiz to level the series at 5:5. Given the really simple nature of the first couple of questions (and my awesome animations that I created to teach neurulation) I…

  • Basic anatomy ‘baffles Britons’

    There’s an article on the BBC website this morning covering a study that tested the lay population on their knowledge of anatomy. “A team at King’s College London found public understanding of basic anatomy has not improved since a similar survey was conducted 40 years ago. “Less than 50% of the more than 700 people…

  • iPhone Augmented Reality

    I’m not the only one thinking out loud about this: Link – Fast Company article

  • Augmented Reality

    With the announcement of the iPhone 3GS on Monday it appeared to have only incremental updates. For me, it has finally reached the point where I could use it as my phone (a term that doesn’t just refer to a device for calling people any more). It offers me a lot more than previous technology,…