Month: July 2008

  • The path home

    The path home, originally uploaded by samwebster.

  • Time



    A thing on the BBC News Magazine about not having enough time, or making time, or using your time in the most effective way. Not sure, haven’t got time to read it. It does mention podcasts as being very useful in making the most of your time in between being places and doing things, though.…

  • Commenting disabled



    I’m taking the commenting system offline for a while to cut out the recent high volumes of comment spam I’ve been getting. I’ll put it back on soon.

  • Could water really have a memory?

    The BBC have written an article on their webpages reminding us why we have to be careful scientists when we interpret our data, and why we use double blind testing. The article talks about a scientist named Jacques Benveniste, who was trying to understand homeopathy in the late 80’s. His data was published in Nature,…

  • epMotion music video



    I am loving this. If you’re a lab rat I hope this bit of advertising from your favourite pipette supplier tickles you. Click the link: Epmotion Ad.

  • Rich & Matt’s Derwent Water swim

    A couple of buddies of mine will be swimming the length of Derwent Water in the Lake District this weekend to raise money for charity (and for bragging rights). The length of the lake is a little over 5 miles, and the swim is likely to be a touch longer than that. It’s a cold…

  • Here yesterday. gone the day after

    I think I got rid of most of these over the weekend. Surprisingly, I actually wore a couple of them out, and didn’t put them all in hedges. Well, on Sunday anyway.

  • Ow!

    Annabel has her two lower front teeth, as shown by the mark in my finger. They’re sharp too!

  • Twitter



    Have you noticed the new bar on the right hand side of this page? I’ve entitled it, “Twitter”, and it list some very short posts about random stuff that I’ve been doing. If you’re a Facebook friend you’ll see the same list on my profile page, above my Wall. You can see the same list…

  • Apple’s App Store for iPhone & iPod Touch

    The App Store in Apple’s iTunes application has gone live today, and there are lots of very nice things in there. The free remote application is very nice, allowing you to control your computer or Apple TV from a distance. This might be something else I can fox students with in lectures. One application we’ve…