Apple’s App Store for iPhone & iPod Touch

2008-07-10--App Store
The App Store in Apple’s iTunes application has gone live today, and there are lots of very nice things in there. The free remote application is very nice, allowing you to control your computer or Apple TV from a distance. This might be something else I can fox students with in lectures.
One application we’ve been waiting for since seeing Steve Jobs’ keynote presentation at the WWDC (IIRC) earlier this year is Netter’s Anatomy. There are a number of medicine based applications due for this new platform, but it’s great to see that an anatomy resource is regarded as so useful and important. It’s priced at £23.99, is 44MB in size, and has over 300 anatomical images that you can flick through using the touch screen interface, has an index and a search function. The images are annotated by Google Maps-like pins, and it apparently links into Google’s search engine for more information about structures. There is a second, separate app for the same price that uses neuroscience flash cards.
That seems like pretty good value for money, so I’ll hopefully buy myself a copy for teaching tomorrow.