Gingerbread house

It’s well known that Kim is a master baker and crafting ninja but the gingerbread house is becoming a Christmas tradition. The kids eat more sweets than they stick (I did some of the roofing) and I think I eat more of it than anyone else.

Happy Christmas!

RB Sports

I’ve been building a website, or rather, a web page, for a mate’s swim coaching business. It’s a bit orange. It’s using a WordPress installation so he can update the news items himself from his iPad. Other than that it’s very simple. It still took long enough to pull all the parts together though. Building a multi-page site is barely harder than a single page as the design is just reflected across pages. The only extra bit needed is a navigation tool (menus & whatnot).

Ironman flies!

Ironman flies!, originally uploaded by samwebster.

Jack built Ironman out of Lego! I told you we were excited about tomorrow’s DVD release.


Summer, originally uploaded by samwebster.

Another July day of rain in Swansea.


Balding, originally uploaded by samwebster.

Annabel has been slowly losing her hair. She’s getting thinner on top and fluffier around the sides!