A Baby Boy!

Jo has just given birth to a baby boy, Bradley, at 8lb 3oz. All are well & I hope she’ll be sending photos soon.
Top! Congratulations to Jo & Leighton!

Ian and Leisa Latchford

Latchford 18
We went to Camarthen to see two friends get married yesterday. It was a fantastic day for the guests, and for the bride and groom, in a beautiful location. The chapel was perfect, the big band was superb, and the bride was gorgeous. Some of my photos have gone up onto the photos page.


2006-04-10-Jo's Mug
Jo has been gone for only a few days, and take a look at her horrible mug already!

Maternity Leave

2006-04-07-Jo's Last Day-2
Thursday was, in theory, my “human structure” colleague Jo’s last day at work before she began her maternity leave. (Sorry about the photo, it’s not very flattering.) On Friday Jo was in work before me and left just after I did, so I was waiting to make sure that she really wouldn’t be in today. I seem to have the office to myself now, and towers of papers and files all around me. Not all of it needs to be seen to immediately though, I have some time.
Best of luck, Jo!