Long Easter Weekend

I am recovering from an incredibly busy Easter weekend. Lots of fun, lots of people, lots of Jack. Here are some pics:
Egghunt Cheltenham Svw 12
Easter egg hunt.
Egghunt Cheltenham Svw 66
Jack plus cousins.
2006-04-16-Benhall Park
At the park.
Meg Birks Svw 28
A friend’s new puppy.
Keyboard Birks Svw 04
A friend back from traveling the world.
Fishing (50-60lb of carp plus bream, roach, chub – excellent).
Grandparents Leckhampton Svw 13
Nana & Jack spending lots of time together.

One thought on “Long Easter Weekend

  • Neat, I have that exact model of keyboard sitting in my livingroom. Who is the bear in the picture of Jack and Nana (also what I call my grandmother)? What happened to Froggy?

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