Photos from the Cosmeston Sprint Triathlon 2012

For the last couple of years I’ve been racing at Windsor on the weekend of the Cardiff Tri club’s summer race – the Cosmeston Sprint Triathlon. This year I missed out on my entry (probably a good thing as the river was flowing too fast & they cancelled the swim part of the race) so I was able to take snaps at the Cosmeston race. The winner was a very fast junior, who also set a course record. Fast!
Flickr: Cosmeston Triathlon 2012
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Cosmeston Tri 2012
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150-odd days in the life of an age grouper triathlete

Training And Racing 365 Flickr
I’ve been taking a photo a day of something training or racing related for the last 150 odd days and putting them up on Flickr as a bit of a 365 project. I started when I began preparing for the 2012 season, and as I train every day I thought I’d snap something as a bit of a record. I’ve done this before as a normal 365 project, which was a good exercise in thinking about photos and turned out to be an interesting way of chronicling stuff you do.
A lot of it’s pretty basic stuff, and there’s a lot of cycling in there (not surprisingly). I’ve tried to put in various bits that show the different things you end up doing when you’re trying to be competitive as an amateur triathlete.
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Take a look at the Flickr set if you care to, and pop back regularly. The more hits it gets the more I’ll be pushed to put up interesting photos!
Flickr: Training and racing 365 set

Golf has too many rules

Day 373: Golf has too many rules, originally uploaded by samwebster.

I was complaining about the number of rules in golf in a 365 Flickr photo last week and then this happens in the USPGA:


Day 269: Fading, originally uploaded by samwebster.

The results from Llandovery triathlon are in and they look nice for me. I had a fast swim, which I knew, but I also had the fastest bike split. That’s very nice as I don’t think I’m biking very well yet. My bike fitness has only just caught up with January levels.

I gave up all my advantage on the run with a very slow (>19mins!) 5km run split. That makes sense of course, as I’d only just started running again that week, 4 weeks after having the plaster cast cut off my left leg. It will take a while to regain that run fitness and speed. It’ll be fun though! I wonder if getting off the bike and hammering a 17min run will be doable?

Results aside it was a fun afternoon. It was great to hammer the bike & it’s the first time it has been used in anger. My swimming has really improved as I’ve not been allowed to run so have spent much more time in the pool. Getting my feet on my shoes out of T1 is going to need a bit of thinking about and a lot more practice, and I’ve now worked out how to get my Garmin to pick up my heart rate when I get out of the pool. I’m sure I’ve got a much better idea of pacing a sprint distance triathlon too.

This was my third triathlon and they’ve been rather spaced out. 1996, 2003 and 2010. I think I might do a few more this year though.

All of this points to one thing: I’m going to get faster.

Again, OMG I live here!

Again, OMG I live here!, originally uploaded by samwebster.

This is from last weekend (which, for some lovely reason, feels like an age ago) from Langland Bay. I swam with Thom and Holly early on a Saturday morning.

Time: 8am.
Air temp: 8C
Sea temp: 8C

Wonderful. And chilly.

Incidentally, this is the route we swam:

I won a trophy today

Day 268: I won a trophy today, originally uploaded by samwebster.

Hmm, not much of a race report for this one, from the Llandovery sprint triathlon.

Swam fast (fastest ever), got on my bike (ooh, tricky), cycled fast (no idea how fast yet, but caught lots of slower fish), got off the bike (also tricky), put slippery, heavily vaselined shoes on and ran hard (ow, fully stitched, tough to breathe) then ran harder (probably got some proper speed up eventually) and crossed the finish line ready to puke.

Surprisingly I was 3rd overall but shhh, don’t tell anyone – I’m not supposed to be running yet. Very nice. Lots of fun & I learnt a lot.