Daily Anatomy Questions iPhone App

Daily Anatomy iPhone App
This year I’ve been working on a new iPhone app, and it’s getting close to being ready for release. This is the Daily Anatomy app, and it will present a randomly selected anatomy multiple choice question every day. Each answer includes a description about why the correct answer is correct, with some associated anatomy tidbits.
Every correct answer earns 10 points, and your score is collected over time, along with the number of days played, your run streak (how many questions you get correct in a row), and a bunch of data about the system and region of anatomy associated with the question. There’s a high score Game Centre Leaderboard, and your own question performance data can be viewed historically to give you an idea about your strengths and weaknesses in anatomical knowledge. That data is only visible to the user.

The aim here is to give students of anatomy the opportunity and a prompt to think about a random anatomy topic every day, and that this consistency will bring improved knowledge, understanding and recall. The test group that have been helping me test and develop this have enjoyed the daily questions, and their feedback has ticked most of the boxes I was aiming at.
In the future I plan to add achievements and other leaderboards, and continually add more questions. This will be a paid app (but will be cheap), as it has been developed in my “spare” time and I’ll need a lot of motivation to keep writing questions! Funding from this app will go back into development costs too, and hopefully I’ll produce an Android version of the app at some stage.
There are some more screenshots below, and hopefully, if I can finish off the last few bits of work over Christmas, I’ll be able to submit this to the Apple App Store in the new year.