Exploding eyeball

Eye blood
If this is the only injury I get this year, I’ll take it. Check out my eye. How did I do that?
I’m in a maximum strength development lifting phase in the gym at the moment and I’m in the last week of an 8 week block. Last week I was struggling a bit in a good session, so I think I probably burst a blood vessel in between the sclera and conjunctiva of my eye when starting off a deadlift. I’m careful not to hold my breath when I lift (a Valsalva manoeuvre when squatting a heavy weight would not be cool) but when starting these things off I probably raise my intra-thoracic pressure quite a bit and this extends into my head. *Pop* go all the little blood vessels.
I can now say that I train so hard that my eyes bleed.

I haven’t noticed more bleeding, but the blood is moving within the space between the sclera and the conjunctiva. I can see that I sleep mostly on my right side because the blood has slowly flowed towards my pupil.
It should clear up in a while as the blood is cleared away. Right now I look a little like I might be patient zero from a zombie film. If I get a hankering for tasty brains I’ll let you know.
Sub-conjuntival haematoma at 48 hours

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