Non Stanford
It’s the day before race day for us standard distance age groupers, and we’ve been enjoying watching everyone else racing over the last couple of days. Watching Non Stanford run away from the best in the world, even taking a 15 second penalty, winning the female elite race and taking the points to become World Champion was fantastic. It looked like a really hard race for all, the recent wet weather making roads slippery and the air cool. Impressive stuff.

There are a lot of athletes from a lot of nations here and the spirit is very positive even with the typical British weather. Some countries have sent over some really big teams and tomorrow will be fast and treacherous. Most of my worries are around getting to the start line as usual, with no mishaps. Once I start swimming I’ll be a little happier, when I’m biking I’ll be happier still, and when I get to the run phase I should be chuffed and grinning if I stayed upright. There have been a lot of crashes.

I’m taking everyone’s good luck wishes to heart and hoping that they will all add up to some truly good luck. You need a bit in this sport.

It’s almost time to rack my bike in transition and get my kit checked. Off for a quick run first.