I bought a new set of scales and they say I am heavier than I thought I was.

I bought a new gadget to measure my sleep and it says I don’t sleep as well as I thought I did.

I bought a new power meter and today’s test says I don’t put out as many watts as my previous power meter said I did.

Maybe it’s time to stop buying new gadgets.

At the end of my base training period it would be nice to be feeling confident, hitting new benchmarks and laying down some top efforts before the season starts. Updating my metric gathering hardware (erm, gadgets) has mucked this up a bit, and recent testing suggests similar times to last year. It all has the potential to be a little negative.

As a self-coached athlete I end up having a bit of an Internal dialogue (monologue?) between my athlete self and my coach self:

“So you’re not as awesome as you thought you were?”


“You’re average.”

“That’s what the data says.”

“But your race results don’t say that.”

“Mmm. Maybe.”

“So what are you going to do?”


“Do you enjoy cycling?”


“Do you enjoy running?”


“Do you enjoy swimming?”


“So it’s not complicated then.”

“Keep doing what I do?”