Run, run, run

I’m not impressed by my running. I was impressed by my first year of running (3 seasons ago), by my progression and the times I set in that year, but I’ve struggled since then. Two seasons ago I broke my foot. Last season I made a concerted effort to significantly improve and injured myself with excess enthusiasm, running few miles with breaks for healing.

I need to get lighter. I’ve still got fat to lose & to be seriously competitive in a power to weight ratio dominant sport I need to be lighter and more efficient. Easier said than done when you’re trying to fuel yourself for high load, high quality training sessions. It can be done though.

I need to run consistently for a long time. Not a long time in hours, but a long time in years. This means a long term view to the sport (tick), long term goals (tick), natural enjoyment (tick) and no injuries. Keep running, run intelligently, be patient. That’ll work, right? See if I can get faster before I get old. Many veteran runners can and do.

I love running, and it’s rarely a chore. If you can do that, you’re on the right road.