Back to normalish

The world is less wobby now. I was diagnosed with BPPV by many people, including the second year students as they had just had a week on the ear. That’s benign paroxysmal positional vertigo to you. Clinicans love abbreviations.
I missed a couple of sessions because I couldn’t move my head or walk unaided, but later the next day life was a bit better as long as I avoided certain head positions (looking up or down) and quick head movements. Working on a laptop was mostly ok, as you keep your head naturally still. Training in the following week got done, and the only real trouble was in the gym. I found that looking down at the deadlift bar and then lifting a heavy lift made me really dizzy, as did looking up at the pull up bar and then pulling. Once I’d sussed that out I stopped looking up or down and set my hands in place by feel.
I’ve just completed another week of training after that, and I’ve done a little tumble turning in the pool and a tiny amount of backstroke and that was ok. I can also lie on my back again to stretch, and that’s really helpful. Moving me head quickly still gives me a weird sensation, so doing things like maneuvering the car into a parking spot has to be done steadily as you flip your head to look back and forward rapidly.
At this time of year missing a little training isn’t a huge problem, and I didn’t miss much. I just hope it doesn’t recur again sometime important.