Wobbly world

Dodgy inner ear
The world was a bit wobbly once it had started spinning last week, but it wasn’t too bad. I had to skip a lifting and a swim session, but I was able to make up the missed running session (working hard to complete my goal of 3 runs a week until Christmas without hurting myself as it has been going very well) and, most importantly, make the all day swim clinic with TheTriLife on Sunday.
I was a bit apprehensive about getting in the water because if I put my head in the wrong position the spinning comes back. That would be no fun in 2 metres of water in a 50m pool. It was all a bit wobbly getting in but after a few lengths I felt ok. No tumble turns or backstroke allowed. It was a great day too. I learnt a lot about my stroke and about the ‘ideal’ stroke, and with the video footage I can better visualise what I’m doing and what I want to do. Great stuff. Gonnagetfaster!
I’m very glad that this isn’t an infection or (hopefully) anything nasty. I know that people with vestibulitis suffer much worse with pain, constant vertigo and nausea. Full on vertigo is horrible and completely debilitating. It’s hard to move your head, to look up or down, let alone walk. Try eating a plate of food when you get nauseous looking down. Tricky!
Sitting at a computer screen working is ok, and my head is nice and still. Chatting to people is difficult, and I’m learning to minimise my movements and probably to limit my body language which might be a bit weird. Nodding and shaking my head is not nice at times. Sleep is interrupted because the room starts spinning when I change sides, waking me up. Cycling is pretty good, the balance is there, and your head is nice and straight and still. Running can feel a little wooly, but it’s ok. Swimming is still a bit of a worry, and I’ll wait until all the symptoms have subsided before I tumble turn again. This week is an easy week, so I’m not doing so much anyway.