Back from a windy Bala

Bala Standard Triathlon 2011
Wow, North Wales was windy! I can’t really explain why but I loved Sunday’s race at the Bala standard distance triathlon. It was crazy windy, and blowing the length of the lake making the swim brutal, but I had a big grin on my face for much of the run and the bike. Lots and lots of suffering to end the season. My run was a teensy bit faster than last year – surprising given the little running I’ve done this year, the injuries and the wind. Swim was slow (amazed at the top guys covering 1500m in those conditions in 20 minutes) and bike was great.
I’ll write up a report when I get a chance, but I’m chuffed to have got inside the top 20 with 19th place overall and what looks like 14th in the male senior category (there were some very fast juniors out there)!
So that’s it. My triathlon season is over. I’m looking forward to easing into some easy autumnal running for the next 6 weeks now.
Results here:
Stuweb – results Bala Standard Distance Triathlon 2011