TTG Gloucester Triathlon tomorrow

Another early season race tomorrow, & it’s another local one but local to where I grew up. The new bike course goes past my mum & dad’s house twice & the pool & run course are only a little way down the road. Close enough for me to ride to as I’m staying with them this weekend.

After the fairly disastrous first triathlon of the year last weekend I’m very relaxed for this one. My legs seem to have some form already, I’m not so worried about my calves, and I did well here last year. The weather is looking very windy again, so I’ll check out the bike course this afternoon to feel which way it’s blowing.

It also has a very relaxed start time. The race as a whole kicks off at 9am(!) and I’m not out until 10.41:30. Ish. I won’t need a wetsuit for this swim either. It’s indoors.


TTG Gloucester Triathlon