Garmin Forerunner 610. It’s getting there.

Look at this thing. It’s almost the perfect triathlon watch. Slim(ish), GPS based speed and route logging stuff, heart rate monitoring, cadence & speed sensors for the bike, touch screen, stick all your intervals on it, a bit of navigation, and Ant+. It’s almost great for triathlon.
All Garmin need to do for me is:
– make it properly waterproof so I can swim with it
– while you’re at it license some tech so it’ll record my pace and stroke rate in the pool like the PoolMate gizmo
– make it pick up my power output from whichever Ant+ power meter I’ve got on my bike
– that thing that Polar used to do so you could mark a lap when you brought the watch to your chest was cool (great for marking transitions)
– keep the breadcrumb navigation thingy I have on my 305 (courses). It’s great for those long rides with lots of lanes.
– does it do the elevation graphs with the virtual partner so I can see when this monstrous hill is going to end?
Great, thanks!