Race season is here?

Suddenly it’s May, & it’s a busy May this year. I’ve entered the Gower Duathlon this weekend, we’re going away the following weekend, I’m racing in the Llanelli triathlon the weekend after that (after some crab fishing that will require wetsuits – I hope to get some YouTube worthy video of that), then it’s Kim’s birthday and the Gloucester triathlon the following weekend. All this racing is to get my technique & kit sorted for Windsor triathlon in June. And it’s lots of fun, of course.

As I started looking at upcoming race information to get organised I looked back at last year’s results to see what I have to do to beat the me of 2010. I did pretty well last year. All my training except for the running has gone well this year, so I’m hoping to beat my times of last year. I wonder if everyone else got faster too.

Getting this close to race day is getting me excited. I’m not sure I’ll even be able to run the first 10km on Saturday to get to my bike, but I hope I will. Looking forward & getting excited are great feelings.