Off To Dublin

Kim & I are on our way to Dublin. The kids are staying with my parents, so it’s going to be a weird weekend.
This taper period has been very interesting. My legs have become very strong & swift, with some tightness of most of the tendons passing around my ankles. My heart rate was strangely high on this morning’s easy run, although my pace, RPE & breathing indicated I was running easily. My aerobic threshold seems to have jumped about 15bpm with this recovery period, but may be transient (or stress or caffeine induced, although I’m not aware of any strong stress, especially when running, but it may well be there). My weight has naturally & easily dropped to my target weight of 63kg with no effort. My appetite just adjusted to the changes in training volume & my body seems to have adjusted its need to store fat.
The trick in Dublin is going to be in staying off my feet. In a city there’s a desire to wander & explore (particularly with Kim’s architectural interests) but I’ll try to counter that by lazing in cafes & restaurants as much as possible.

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