Training has been made much easier over the last month by the great September weather. After another dodgy summer Kim’s predictions of good weather when the kids returned to school proved correct, and we’ve had almost no rain for 4 weeks. It’s far easier to drag yourself out of the door to run when it’s dry & bright outside and it has been very pleasant. Living by the sea means that you’re doubly rewarded by sunny days.
Today the weather has changed. We have strong westerly winds & rain for my final 20 mile run of the year. I’m not going to whinge. I love autumn & I haven’t got much more training to do, but the first 10 miles out into that headwind on a flat, exposed coastal route is going to be tough.
If I complete the run I’ll have completed my biggest running week ever. By a country mile (by that I mean a long way, not just a single mile BTW).

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