Serious Recovery

Alan Couzens has written a great article about recovery (Serious Recovery For Serious Athletes) on his blog. More chillaxing and hot baths for me then, but how can I freeze that much ice? Less food and more water in the freezer I guess. Sorry Kim.
Serious Recovery For Serious Athletes.

2 thoughts on “Serious Recovery

  • We’ve been doing this on the Pro MTB scene for a while. Best option if you don’t have that much ice, (Which you generally do in an american hotel) is to sit in a cold stream.

  • Good to hear (and that you’re still keeping up with my blog)!
    The guy that looks after my legs suggested I use ice-hot water cycles after my tougher workouts, a couple of days before I read the Couzen’s article. I’m still struggling with an ice source though.

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