The Nike+ Human Race

Have you seen or heard about this? It’s the first global 10km running race.
I love the idea. You can sign up for and join a physical event, running with a large number of other runners at your closest geographical location (I think it’s London in the UK at Wembley Stadium with Paula Radcliffe and 30,000 other runners) or you can sign up online and run on your own or with a few mates on your home turf using the Nike+ iPod running system. When you get home you upload your run data to from your iPod and it’s added to everyone else’s collected data. It looks as though they’ll be ranking by runner and country, and no doubt there will be a whole bunch of interesting data.
My sister bought me a Nike + iPod sport kit a while ago, but it only works with the iPod Nano. I’ve avoided buying a nano just for running as rumours keep surfacing about software for the iPod Touch and iPhone, which given its new abilities seems sensible. I’ll definitely try it out even though I already use the awesome Polar S625x for all my cycling, swimming and running duties. It’s great to see someone like Nike making it easy for runners to get direction in a fun and easy way. It’s far more likely to keep people running with goals and milestones, and might get them to enter races, even if they’re only fun runs.
I wonder if Nike do Ironman training programmes yet…
Nike+ Human Race