CD-Wow must pay £41m to British record companies

This truly sucks:
“Online retailer CD-Wow must pay £41m to British record companies after breaking a deal to stop selling illegally imported cheap albums in the UK.
“The High Court in London ruled in March that the site’s owners, Music Trading Online, were “in substantial breach” of a 2004 agreement to stop importing CDs.
“The BPI, which represents the major record labels in the UK, said the ruling was a “significant legal victory” for the music industry.
“It said it had already obtained a freezing order against CD-Wow, meaning that all of its assets and bank accounts are frozen.”
Never will I pay British inflated high street prices for CDs. CD-Wow suggest how much music could be legitimately sold for, and that’s why they’re such a popular online retailer. I hope this judgement for the money lenders of the music business doesn’t put CD-Wow out of business.
Anyway, I thought they were exporting CDs from Hong Kong and that I was therefore the importer. It’s not like they ship over container loads full of asian CDs into the UK and then sell them.
BBC article.