The Institute of Life Science

Next week we move labs (and some offices – but not mine) into the new Institute of Life Science (ILS) building. We got to have a look around it this morning.
2007-30-05--Enter The Ils Building
In through the rotating doors.
2007-30-05--Lots Of Glass
Lots of glass around. Good for keeping an eye on PhD students.
2007-30-05--Looking Down
The large atrium lets you shout at people on other floors, which should cut down on emails.
2007-30-05--Lots Of Lab Space
Loads of lab space for future expansion. I had better get some grant applications submitted.
2007-30-05--Lots Of Trees
There are some excellent views from the higher floors.
2007-30-05--Work To Do
It’s not finished yet.
2007-30-05--Looking Up
Looking up the atrium, probably from near the entrance to the future Starbucks due to open in here.

3 thoughts on “The Institute of Life Science

  • Every good research building has caffeine close at hand. Things to try from Starbucks: Chai tea latte (my favorite,) and Vanilla Bean Frappacino made with the syrup, not the powder. The latter of the two is certainly appreciated when the Texas weather beats me down with a big 104 degree hammer.

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