Swing comparisons

My golf swing is always changing – as a beginner I’m trying to learn the good habits before I get too many bad habits settled in. Here are two videos taken about 6 weeks apart. In the video from today I can see that I’m getting more weight onto my back leg (which the pro that teaches me keeps telling me to work on), my knees are no longer knocked in, there’s less dip and lead with my left shoulder on the downswing, and for some reason it looks a lot more fluid. That might be because my legs are looser and move more naturally. The tempo is quite different too, probably for similar reasons. Today’s video shows me swinging a 6 iron, and I didn’t realise I got it so far around my body. The results of these changes are more consistent ball striking, straighter ball flight (if anything it goes to the right if not straight), and a longer carry of the ball in the air. There’s much more to do, but I’m in no hurry.
23-12-06 1148
Today. (A bit stiff from the cold and from running).
12-11-06 1419
A month or so ago.