Running Music

I had an interesting idea a few weeks ago. I don’t listen to my iPod when I’m running or cycling, but I know that many people do. Kim won’t go without hers. I also know that interval training in both running and cycling are very important in developing speed and muscle energy systems. Running intervals once or twice a week also makes the run itself more interesting, and can be fun if your fitness is developing well. I have a watch that beeps at me to tell me when intervals start and stop, and the heart monitor lets me know if that I am exercising at the right level for that interval and for the subsequent recovery. For those that use MP3 players you should be able to do a similar thing with music. I’m sure someone must have implemented this already, but I’ll explain myself anyway.
Someone could record a podcast, using favoured music of an appropriate tempo, and change tracks depending upon the speed or effort required for a particular section of the run. Fast music for fast intervals, slow music for the recoveries, the warm up and warm down. You could even add a vocal track, counting down to the end of the hard, fast section, encouraging you, or informing you how many intervals remained. I suppose famous sporting heroes could be asked to provide the vocal motivation, or to provide a podcast version of their favourite (or most hated) training sessions. This could be a free or cheap service for those that don’t want to train with a heart monitor. You could even provide a series building up to the athlete’s chosen event, say a 10km race or a marathon.
Just a thought.