Sod’s Law Revealed

I told you Sod’s Law was real – a descriptive formula for the law has been calculated, and by a Cardiff University lecturer no less. Mathematically it is expressed as:
1/8Ti x I 3/8 + O + Sb
P + M


  • Task Importance (Ti)
  • Inconvenience, and financial and emotional cost of task not going to plan (I)
  • Optimism – the tendency to think everything will work out fine (O)
  • Background Personal Stress Levels (Sb)
  • Extent of Planning (P)
  • Memory – especially for things that worked out well

I’m not entirely sure how I’ll be using this on a day to day basis, but it’s a good start to changing some of the variables and avoiding the effects of Sod’s law.
Link to BBC article.