Gadget Geek Kim

Kim says she wants to buy a Playstation 3 when they come out. Honest, this was not my idea. She really does want a game console. I swear I didn’t put her up to it. She loves playing the musical genre of games, like Songstar (the karaoke game) and Buzz (the music quiz game). Jack loved Guitar Hero (a guitar playing game) when he tried it at the weekend with Ele, Lee & Nick, and I reckon he’d really enjoy some of the dance mat games. I’ll bet there are some drumming games out there somewhere too.
Kim also watched Doom last night, the film of the game. She knows a little of the game(s), but not much. She thought it was “a very good film” right up until the fight at the end, which she thought was silly. I never would have guessed that she would have enjoyed it. I didn’t really expect to enjoy it myself. Maybe she’ll be playing Battlefield 2 soon…
So I’m adding a Playstation 3 to my list, probably to buy in Spring next year. Maybe.