Month: April 2020

  • Shooting stars

    Mountain biking locally every other day in a sunny spring is great. The kids like to be stuck indoors during this lockdown, so it’s even harder getting them out than usual. Annabel loves her mountain bike though so maybe now is the time to start practising some trail skills? Also, a meteor shower.

  • Staying at home is nice

    Is this the 4th week at home? My mind and body have found a new normal, and they’re both happy and settled with staying at home. I’m getting work done, home stuff done, we’re finding new things to keep us interested and challenged, and it’s great spending so much time at home with family. We’re…

  • Let’s Go For a Run

    Week 3? 4? indoors. I was kind of getting used to it but now I really need to get out for a decent run. Want to go for a run? I will be cheerier next week, I’m sure. Some fun stuff will be delivered for us to try out.

  • Self


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    I need to have a chat with myself.