Month: February 2020

  • Valentine’s Weekend Away

    We’re away in another city for a long weekend break, and it wasn’t our idea. Jack wanted to go and visit a friend in another country, so we went too, and Kim has always wanted to see the architecture of this particular city. There are usually a couple of geocaches in cities too.

  • Not steep sea cliff climbing

    There’s a storm coming. We climbed at Crab Rock this week, which was a new spot for us on the Gower that we’ve been meaning to explore but can be a pain to find and get to. Our buddy, Ben, guided us down. The tide was coming in so we perched on a ledge like…

  • Steep Sea Cliff Climbing

    I’m looking for a local crag that’s quick to get to, hard enough to train on and dry in February. Let’s check out Ram’s Tor. Those roofs don’t look that big from the coastal path, right?

  • Run Together

    Kim’s running regularly now that I’m running less. It means it’s easier for us to run together though, and that has a number of benefits for health and happiness. Hopefully.