As you may have seen, I started making videos and putting them up on the YouTubes regularly. I’m putting up a new anatomy video and a new family vlog type thing every week. There were a couple of spurs for this.
I’ve spent a lot of time planning and preparing (and now teaching) new anatomy courses, which has taken up far more of my time and energy than expected, with less of the support that I had expected. This means that I’ve had no time to do the other stuff that I like doing in teaching – the geeky stuff. 3D printing, augmented reality projects, NFC and QR tagging, and all the other things have been dumped. Hopefully just for a year or so, but I like creating stuff. Rhiannon and I had started to move from podcasts to YouTube many years ago, but when she left Swansea no-one else wanted to make stuff with me. But I’ve been playing with video recently and YouTube is now huge, so I reckoned that I could bang out some form of anatomy teaching video and be time effective about it. I can record a video on my phone while wandering around, talking off the top of my head and produce a useful 10 minute video, for example.
The other spur is my brother. He’s been living and working in Dubai for a while now, and I’ve got a bunch of bits of video that I’d like to share. I tried putting some videos with story together and it was fun and worked quite well. I shared a few with him, and then thought I might as well share them more widely. It doesn’t really matter whether many people watch them or not. The process itself is pleasing and makes the whole family think about something fun to do each weekend. It’s normally hard to get one of the kids out of the door to do something. It’s less difficult if they’ve been thinking about what to put in the video.
It feels good to be creative. It feels useful.