Finding Blue Pool

Kim wanted to go and find a tidal pool that’s hidden in a bay by the sand dunes of Broughton, on the Gower. We had a spot on a map and a vague idea so we followed the coast at low tide as far as we could. It turned out pretty well. But cold!

It’s autumn again

Jack on the Rhossili Down trig point
Blogging has been paused because this summer has not been good blogging fodder. Racing ended with a torn calcaneal tendon at the end of June, but I’d written off the remainder of the season long before then for other reasons, unrelated to me or my racing. I probably tore the tendon because I wasn’t looking after myself properly. I don’t think I’ve been to see Gareth at Swansea Health Solutions since the Gloucester Triathlon, when he was working on the things that were precipitating the tear.
I tore it at the Pembrokeshire Coast Triathlon at Broad Haven. It’s a tough course, I predicted if it were to fail it would be on a downhill section, and yes, it went as we started descending with about 4 miles to go. Increased eccentric loading, see? Running up hills makes you stronger. Running downhills is the risky bit. If you’re running hills in training make the downhill recoveries super easy.

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