XTERRA England 2015. More please.

XTERRA England 2015 jump
What happened? I was happily looking forward to the end of the triathlon season, followed by a whopping increase in gaming time, doughnut eating, lazing around, and probably some sleep too, and then XTERRA happened. After a summer of struggling to train consistently, mental fatigue (and a whole load of physical fatigue), and thick with work I’m now keen as hell to race more XTERRA, to learn what I’m missing in my MTB XC skills, to try out tubeless, and to tweak my race bike for mud (and any other condition we might get). My legs tell me that I’m not as fit as I thought I was, and that I need to do a whole bunch of different stuff so that next time I’ll be better prepared. This is great! I’m keen! I’m enthusiastic! I want more! Oh wait, my last race of the season is at Bala on Sunday.
I had a lovely swim. There were no nerves before the start whatsoever, as I stood around chatting to Jamie, a graduate of our medicine programme in Swansea and now a working doctor that I hadn’t seen for a while. The swim in Vachery pond in XTERRA England is always nice and relaxed for some reason. My race plan was to swim easy (which isn’t really “easy” but at a pace that saves my shoulders for later work), bike smooth and then run. I.e. RUN! Like someone’s chasing you. Which they were. Over large ditches, through bogs and over fallen oaks. I would also be doing some chasing. Hunting.

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