TTG Gloucester Triathlon 2013

Gloucester Triathlon 2013
The first race is in the bag! It was good to get that out of the way, and great fun on a sunny day in Gloucestershire.
The TTG Gloucester Tri is a sprint distance race starting athletes off in a 25m pool at 1 minute intervals, so it feels like a time trial. It was a bit more like a time trial for me as I put the wrong predicted swim time down (clicking drop down boxes on the online entry thing) and started a little earlier than I normally would. Last year I fell in the pool at the start and lost a shoe from my bike running into transition, so this was a minor error in comparison.

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Circle of Willis

Steve Atherton built this 3D computer model that nicely illustrates the Circle of Willis and the cerebral arteries between (and within) the brain and the bones of the skull. We worked on it a while ago and I’ve used it in teaching (it looks great on a 3D TV) but I’ve only just got round to putting it into some HTML with a little text so that the rest of the world can access it.
It’s simple, and effective. We like simple.
Link: The Circle of Willis

Weight training & endurance athletes

Sunny cycling
I’m getting older, so regular strength training is even more important for me now than it was when I was younger. I enjoy it more these days too. Olympic lifts are fun, and sometimes it’s nice to train indoors where it’s dry and warm.
Many endurance athletes worry about strength training. I think their concerns are linked to bulking out and getting heavier, and with balancing the limited amount of time they have for training with sport specific versus non-specific training.

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Try-a-Tri 2013 Photos

My photos from yesterday’s Try-a-Tri run by Cardiff Triathletes are up on Flickr:
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Full resolution photos are in there (have a hunt). A Creative Commons License is attached to the Flickr page but they’re free for competitors’ usual uses.

Race time

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It’s May, and I start racing at the end of the month. The triathlon racing in South Wales is kicking off, with our own incredibly popular Try-a-Tri yesterday, followed by Blaenavon and Llanelli triathlons in the next couple of weeks. I’m skipping those and starting with the Gloucester Triathlon at the end of the month as it suits my schedule better, the first World Triathlon Championships (Age Group) qualifier is the following week, and I won the Gloucester Tri last year. You can’t say that very often, so it seems like a good place to start.
I haven’t raced a triathlon since July last year as I broke my clavicle at the beginning of August, and it feels like a very long time ago. I’ve lost the feel, and although I’ll be practicing the mechanics of things like transition in the next few weeks it will take a race to trigger my brain. Will it all work?
Time to start buying some new race kit – that should get me in the mood for racing!

Teaching & Innovation

Black tie
I was nominated for some teaching awards by our medical students, and the award ceremony was last week. I think I agreed to go before anyone told me that it was a black tie event (I haven’t worn a dinner jacket since I was a student) but I’m very glad I did. I won the Swansea College of Medicine Teaching and Innovation Award and was a runner up for our Clinical Teacher of the Year Award too. On top of that I won one of the major prizes of the evening, the BMA Wales and BMJ Teaching and Learning Innovation Award for 2013. Nice, eh?

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