Month: December 2012

  • Gingerbread house

    It’s well known that Kim is a master baker and crafting ninja but the gingerbread house is becoming a Christmas tradition. The kids eat more sweets than they stick (I did some of the roofing) and I think I eat more of it than anyone else. Happy Christmas!

  • RB Sports

    I’ve been building a website, or rather, a web page, for a mate’s swim coaching business. It’s a bit orange. It’s using a WordPress installation so he can update the news items himself from his iPad. Other than that it’s very simple. It still took long enough to pull all the parts together though. Building…

  • Midwinter

    The shortest day is done! Although the day after was worse – it was so dark and wet all day that it felt like the sun never came up. I’m glad I swapped my run and swim around and avoided the weather. It really was that bad. All the fields I passed on my bike…

  • Sunwise cover model

    Hey, look who’s on the front of the Sunwise website! Yeah. It’s me. Sunwise will be supporting me again through the 2013 season. Thanks guys!

  • iPad app: Skull Osteology

    Here it is: Apple App Store – Skull Osteology It’s only a simple app, but hopefully useful for somebody. And hopefully the first of a bunch of mobile learning apps. If I can find the time I’ll get this ready for other platforms too.

  • Oops

    Oh dear. The art of bicycle maintenance and all that. I knew this wheel was overdue for replacement and has been for some time. I folded the front wheel of the pair when I crashed and broke my shoulder, and the rim of this rear wheel was worn way too thin. I’m not riding much…