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On the bike, in the sun. And I started my 365 project on Flickr.

Try The Tri Bike

I finally got out for an hour or so on my tri bike today. I understand the benefits of a tri bike (hence the purchase) but I was sure I wouldn’t enjoy riding the thing. I was expecting it to spend a lot of time locked away while I train on my usual bikes. I was quite wrong.
On an unexpectedly sunny Sunday morning I popped out for an easy spin (I’ve cut down the bike mileage as the run mileage has become serious to ensure decent recovery) along some Gower roads. A wobbly first mile led very quicky to main road confidence. The geometry of this bike makes it very, very stable in a straight line and shockingly comfortable down on the tri bars. In fact the tri bars are *the* place to be and I even did all the climbing (some of it in the 39×23) on the tri bars and most of the descending.
This bike feels awesome at speed; it’s really surprising how safe and stable you are down low on the tri bars at 60kph. It can be a bit scary when you remember where the brakes are but with practice it becomes a simple task to reach from a tri bar to a brake lever or to scratch your arse. It feels good leanIng around bends in the aero position.
I’ve read a lot of articles about bike selection for triathlon being based upon how much time you can spend in the aero position. I guess I picked the right bike. The frame rides very well too.

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I’ve got a mere 11km to run this morning. I’ll take an easy, flat route by the estuary.
This is the last run of an easy week in which my legs are recovering a little from previous weeks & getting ready for bigger, faster, harder weeks ahead. So why do the easy weeks feel so hard sometimes?
My heels are sore, my right gluteus maximus keeps kicking out, all the muscles in my lower legs are sore, my soleus muscles really need a deep sports massage and one of my tendons us showing signs of the strain. But I don’t think any of that makes it feel hard. I think it’s mental.
An ‘easy’ week sounds as though it should be pleasant. I can run easy and enjoy the view. Really though I think the big weeks keep your mind strong. You think about the big mileage total you’re racking up, you look forward to the challenging fast run in the middle of the week and you can’t stop wondering how you’ll fare in the really long run on Saturday. You feel like you’re making progress towards your goal (although, of course, you’re really getting fitter when you’re resting & repairing).
In contrast the easy weeks are a bit of a plod. My technique falters a bit when I run at an easy pace and there’s no focal point to the week. I’m probably guilty of not resting enough outside training during easy weeks too. Really sore legs make you sit down.
So an easy, flat run by the estuary this morning for me. Then I can start wondering about that 32km (20 mile) run next week.

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