Month: September 2008

  • Week 4: the liver

    We started by looking at varices (dilated veins) in the oesophagus and around the umbilicus (caput medusae). We also mentioned hemorrhoids. Read more about these varices with these links: Patient UK – esophageal varices New England Journal of Medicine – caput medusae MedicineNet – hemorrhoids (piles) Our aim for the session was to use anatomy…

  • Nike Women: triathlon



    Too cool for school. An online advert from Nike (sound required).

  • Week 3: Introduction to embryology

    The aim of today’s lecture was to talk about what an embryo is, and give a sense of how it forms, what it looks like, and what it will become. I spoke about four principles of growth and development that are really important to the future series of embryology lectures. My underlying aim was to…

  • Pacetat

    I stumbled on this at Runners World and love it. Its a temporary tattoo with your km or mile timings for the pace at which you want to run your next marathon (or other distance). Stick it on for the race and check your timing at the markers. An MDot on your right forearm and…

  • Embryology podcast

    Rhi and I are still chucking out podcasts even though we’re separated by the Bristol Channel. Unfortunately recording over Skype is a bit of a pain in the arse, and Rhi sounds pretty good while I sound like a bee in a jam jar. Skype keeps adjusting my mic levels and I have to tweak…

  • Teaching me


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    Teaching me, originally uploaded by samwebster. Jack & I were in my office on the weekend and he taught me some anatomy.

  • Garrr!



    Avast ye bilge rats! Today be talk like a pirate day, so to ya matey’s give an “Ahoy!”

  • Paracetamol & asthma?

    Beasley et al. are reporting in the Lancet a link between paracetamol use and the onset of asthma after studying 205,487 children aged 6–7. Use of paracetamol for fever in babies was linked to a dose-dependent increase in the risk of developing asthma symptoms by the age of 6-7. The link doesn’t necessarily mean that…

  • Spider want Lego man!



    Spider want Lego man!, originally uploaded by samwebster. When big, hairy spiders start invading your home, is that a sign of autumn?

  • Week 2: Introduction to organs

    Today we ran quickly through as many organs as we could to get an idea of where they are (particularly in relation to other organs) and what they do. The oesophagus is a muscular tube transporting fluid and food to the stomach. The stomach is a muscular bag that churns up the food and mixes…