Don’t Die Young

I’ve been watching a little of Alice Roberts’ BBC TV series, “Don’t Die Young”. Dr Roberts is an anatomist based at the University of Bristol, and has been heavily involved in publicising science. (Is that a term I just imagined? I mean to engage the public in science). You’ll have seen her on the Coast series, if not elsewhere.
It’s great to see some proper science on TV instead of the pseudoscience crap that TV moguls allow on their channels. Use BBC’s iPlayer to see the stomach and intestines episode. There are no magical stool studies or tongue checks that tell you about the health of your kidneys here.
Dr Alice Roberts: Don’t Die Young: Series 2: The Stomach and Intestines. (Programmes remain on iPlayer for about a week).

Megan’s Big Swim

One of our first year medicine students at Swansea is attempting to swim the English Channel next week. As you do. (These students are nuts for doing things that are ridiculously hard).
Go see how Megan is getting on at her blog: While you’re there, click on her “Sponsor me” link and give some money to Oxfam.
Good luck Megan!

Lego Universe

Pic7792E6Ba-F17F-45A6-81F9-8Bcb47A8Dfdd Wow, Jack is going to love this – Lego are creating a MMORG (massive multiplayer online game). You’ll be able to create your own character and earn bricks by completing tasks and solving puzzles. There’s an epic storyline too, explaining how Lego Universe and its characters came to be. If they get it right like the Star Wars and recent Indiana Jones games it could be great. I wonder how massive it will be?
Read more on the Lego Universe website.

Jack’s first visit to the climbing wall

2008-08-01--Jack Climbing
2008-08-01--Jack Climbing 2
I took Jack climbing yesterday to Dynamic Rock. We were there for 4 hours and even then he didn’t want to go home! He’s never spent so much time doing anything, except maybe a marathon Star Wars Lego on the Wii stint.
It’s a nice climbing wall, and is pretty quiet at this time of year because most people will be climbing outdoors. The walls are OK, and plenty high enough for a 5-year-old. The staff are very helpful and friendly, and there’s a nice atmosphere. Jack really liked the bouldering room and spent time alternating between the roped climbs and bouldering. He was moving really nicely through some problems I was giving him (mostly asking him to find a way to reach a particular hold).
Jack got a bit scared as he got higher up the roped routes, and was consistently giving up around the second bolt. It wasn’t too difficult, just too high. When I finally insisted that we needed to go home and that this would be the last climb he tested the rope, kept going up and up, and with a couple of requested pulls from me at the other end he got all the way to the top!
When we got home he asked if we could go climbing. All morning today he keeps asking, “can we go climbing now then?” I think he’s hooked.