This is one of my mum’s cats, Molly. She has three of these fat, long-haired animals, & they all make me sneeze & give me asthma. They’ve been around longer than Kim & I have been together (14 years this weekend).
My new GP has an asthma clinic, & they’ve been monitoring me even though I considered my asthma to be fine. New drugs, first weekend home & none of my usual symptoms. I feel great, which as any of my Cheltenham friends & family will tell you is highly unusual. Thank you modern primary care!


Cheltenham Town FC are in the play-offs tomorrow to go back up the league. Typically they’re playing in Cardiff & I’m actually in Cheltenham for Kim’s birthday. 30,000 spectators are expected, but I’ll not be one of them (friends & family are going). I’ve not had much chance to follow them this season to be honest.
I’d like to share one of my favourite Robins chants with you:
We can’t read and we can’t write
But that don’t really matter.
We all come from Cheltenhamshire
And we can drive a tractor.
Ooh arrr, ooh arrr, ooh arrr, ooh arrr, ooh arrr.
Cheltenhamshire la la la,
Cheltenhamshire la la la,
Cheltenhamshire la la la,
Cheltenhamshire la la la.
There are also some random chants that I’ll never understand, like, “celery, celery” when Cheltenham get a corner. Funny fans – usually more entertaining than the football.

Wet wet wet

I popped up to Whitesprings to fish yesterday evening, and to see a friend that was visiting. I’ve never seen so much water fall out of the sky. And my umbrella leaks. I spent most of the time feeding the ducklings and sitting in a puddle.

Moblog photos

I’m really behind on blogging photos from my phone (work’s taking up too many hours) so here’s a bulk batch.
K600I 227
The boy on his bike. He needs lots of practice – but then again, I need to make some adjustments to his bike too.
K600I 221
Blanking when bass fishing isn’t too bad when the scenery usually looks like this. I usually spin for bass late in the evening.
K600I 224
Dawn. Going somewhere early. Try-a-Tri, I think.
K600I 225-3
K600I 232
Beach fishing in horrible surf.
K600I 234
Jack splashing.
K600I 240
K600I 226
Boys & ants.

Office Photos

Some random photos from my office today. We’re into head and neck anatomy this term. Don’t worry, they’re all plastic. Except the plant. That’s just thirsty, and not too leafy.
2006-05-19-Big Head