School Play

Jack took part in his first Christmas school play this week, and we went to see it yesterday morning. Needless to say, it was ace. It had a nativity theme, but different classes dressed in the national costumes of different nationalities and sang a song and wished everyone Happy Christmas in that country’s native language. Jack’s class took the part of the Welsh. Kim shed tears.
The video of his part of the play is up on his website.

Haunted Cycle Route

Most evenings cycling home up the Clyne Valley cycle path, and particularly if I don’t have my full beam on, I see the spectre of a ghostly jogger. At first I think I see a man running in the dark, ahead of my light, but I never catch him. He’s wearing a light top, I can see the shape of his shoulders, and he’s bobbing up and down as he runs. This occurs just after Killay. I have seen this phantom on at least three occasions.
Sure, I could apply the scientific method and test the hypothesis that in fact what I see is a light patch a long, long way ahead of me as the trees thin around the path before it reaches Dunvant, and that neither my eyes nor my brain work in quite the same manner in low light as they do in full light. I could stop my bike and see if the bobbing motion stops, and I could put on my full beam and see if that changes my perception. But then I wouldn’t have a very interesting story, would I?

Christmas Pudding Race

I finally managed to get out for a short run today. I’ve not been running for about two and a half weeks, and I’m racing at Merthyr Mawr in the Brackla Harriers’ annual Christmas Pudding 10K on Sunday. I had a throat infection last week and was just plain too busy the week before that, which is actually probably just a bad excuse as I’m supposed to put my own health and fitness on a level par with my work commitments these days. Nonetheless the result is that I’m struggling a little, with my 70% max HR pace delivering about 6:30min/km. Well, it is December, what do you expect? It’s not like I’ll be going for a time this weekend!
I ran in the Pembrey 10M multi-terrain race a few weeks ago with my brother and his girlfriend. I’d not been to the park before and it turned out to be a lovely route. We all very much enjoyed the course, even in the typical Swansea area weather. I hadn’t raced for years and that race switched my mind back over to the old ways, so I entered the Pudding soon after. My brother and partner are now into next year’s London Marathon.
Anyway, if any Swansea medical students are also running this weekend and need a lift, give me a shout. I know of one orthopaedic surgeon that will be running, and I wonder how many Cardiff Triathletes will be there?

Term 1 spotter questions

I’ve been putting together another selection of example online spotter questions for this term’s anatomy teaching. Right now 10 questions about the gastrointestinal system are up and will soon be followed by a page of musculoskeletal questions. When they’re all done I’ll add an announcement to Blackboard.
They are multiple choice questions, and you’ll get a score out of 10 at the bottom of the page when you score yourself. The aim is to give you an idea of how much information is staying in your brain after months of learning and weeks of revision. The questions are linked to from the Medicine page on the right hand side.

Christmas Do’s

We had a teaching Christmas party last night on Wind St, and we went out for food and vodka shots. Well, the vodka shots weren’t planned and I drove into town, so I stayed on the coffee. Bizarrely I appear to be the last one in work this morning after heavily oversleeping. I like drinking coffee and I may have had a little too much last night as I ended up reading my book until about 1.30am. Oops.

Throat Infection

All week I’ve had a throat infection, and teaching for 3 hours on Monday morning didn’t help.
It’s on its way out now, but I have the most disgusting taste in my mouth. I hate to think how bad my breath must be. My tongue feels like it’s in a petri dish. To combat this I’m drinking even more tea and coffee than usual, and that’s saying something. Whisky would probably do a better job, but it wouldn’t be so good for the rest of my head.