Haunted Cycle Route

Most evenings cycling home up the Clyne Valley cycle path, and particularly if I don’t have my full beam on, I see the spectre of a ghostly jogger. At first I think I see a man running in the dark, ahead of my light, but I never catch him. He’s wearing a light top, I can see the shape of his shoulders, and he’s bobbing up and down as he runs. This occurs just after Killay. I have seen this phantom on at least three occasions.
Sure, I could apply the scientific method and test the hypothesis that in fact what I see is a light patch a long, long way ahead of me as the trees thin around the path before it reaches Dunvant, and that neither my eyes nor my brain work in quite the same manner in low light as they do in full light. I could stop my bike and see if the bobbing motion stops, and I could put on my full beam and see if that changes my perception. But then I wouldn’t have a very interesting story, would I?

2 thoughts on “Haunted Cycle Route

  • Hi, I can see you posted this quite some years ago, but I to have experienced this ghost as well. Last year myself and partner joined the track at Dunfant sqaure- cycling toward Gowerton. It was 23.45 at night and pitch dark, we had no bike lights and my boyfriend was using his iPhone to shed light on the path. After about 10 mins of cycling, way in the distance I could see this bright white light…it kept moving around then before I knew a man dressed in a bright white suit and top hat was right infront of me. He put his hand up and said wooaaahh (as if to slow me down) I screamed and stopped my bike, my boyfriend came off the track into the bracken. The man continued to walk on very slowly laughing as he went. Me and my boyfriend then cycled hell for leather down the track and after around 5 mins arrived safe at Gowerton. We were completely shaken, my boyfriend said at this point are you thinking what I’m thinking….yes that was a ghost! I didn’t believe in this stuff – but after this experience have no doubt that there’s something out there. We never saw his face and have no idea why he stopped us. He didn’t interact like a normal human being. Reading you post brought it all back, I had tears in my eyes and goosebumps….because I know for sure that it definitely without a doubt was a ghost that stopped us that night .

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