I’ve been converting some presentations from a histopathologist into web-based self-directed learning packages recently. So far they’ve mostly been about skin and tumours – all interesting and some of it new to me – with lots of great pictures. Tumours. Neoplasias. Carcinomas. Adenocarcinomas. Lots of adenocarcinomas.
I have sunscreen on my nose today cycling in to work, for the first time ever.

Doom III Hardware Specs

HardOCP have teamed up with id to deliver a hardware guide for the soon to be released Doom III. Link.
Interesting stuff. It looks like low res may play fine on low spec (2 year old) machines.

Medicine at Swansea

So how’s the preparation for the new postgraduate entry medicine course in Swansea going?
Hmm, let’s see. The timetable is in place, and so are the huge number of lecturers from the Swansea NHS Trust and the University of Wales Swansea that will be teaching in the course of the first year. Lectures are written, computer based learning packages are ready to be uploaded, all the important administration stuff is in place, and the equipment is mostly (95%) where it’s supposed to be. We’ve all completed the handbooks for the individual modules, which are going off for printing, complete with all those very important learning objectives. I guess we just need students now. September the 8th is their due date for arrival.
As far as my individual modules are concerned, the anatomy (human structure) module has been the most work. Luckily Jo, the module organiser, had done most of the work before I got there. (I had to write that – she’ll read this). I’ve been at Swansea for 5 months now (almost) and for most of that time I’ve been working on the anatomy segment. We have a huge amount of material, information and specialist manpower in place to teach this most fundamental and important chunk of clinical knowledge.
The module I’m coordinating – development, growth and reproduction (DGR) – has been something I’ve only been able to get to grips with recently. Luckily it’s much smaller, but I must make contact with the many clinicians teaching in this part of the course (that I haven’t already), and with my Cardiff counterpart. (We’re tightly associated with the Cardiff University/UWCM medicine course).
There’s an update. If you’re a student due to start with us in September, we’re ready for you. With any luck I might be able to get some research done soon…

Bashing bridges

Always novel.
My train was delayed getting into Bridgend (while I was on it) because a lorry drove into the bridge we were just about to cross. Different. We had to wait for engineers to check that the bridge wasn’t going to collapse beneath us. 45 minute delay. Not bad. With an iPod, iBook & GPRS I’m not bothered. I’m scratching my head trying to work out why my Adobe ImageReady droplet I created to automate the conversion & compression of 40 images won’t work. Its giving me a file permission error. Little bugger.
Hey, did you know that the iPod was always engineered a little louder than other MP3 players because Steve Jobs is a bit deaf? Apparently so. Hey, it *might* come up in Trivial Pursuit… right?

Star Wars III

Dunno if anyone cares, but the next Star Wars film just had its title announced: “Revenge of the Sith”. I’m sure there’s some history to that. Wasn’t the “Return of the Jedi” orignally likely to be the “Revenge of the Jedi”? I’m probably just spouting some playground bollocks I heard when I was 9 as the words “Jedi” and “revenge” don’t really go together.
If you must, here’s the official link.
I don’t think I’ll bother seeing it at the cinema unless the fat kid gets a cameo.