Sorry I didn’t post yesterday (Lee and Ele). As usual I had too much booze and food and couldn’t be arsed.
Christmas Day was a little bizarre this year. Kim, Jack and I had all recovered from our colds, although Jack is still a little under the weather. But in Cheltenham everybody was sick. Weird. During the Christmas dinner everybody was coughing, and nobody had much of an apetite. Today people are worse, puking and stuck in bed. Dad and Nick are OK though. I hope it’s the same virus we had, because I don’t fancy looking after Kim and Jack for the second week of my holiday too 🙁
Otherwise it was a very fun day. Jack was so spoilt by presents that he hasn’t opened them all yet. I forgot to bring the cable for my camera so I can’t post any pics until I get back to Cardiff, but believe me that he was a very happy boy. Food and drink were plentiful, there was F all on TV as usual, but I got a sackful of DVDs so we were saved by Indiana Jones. Whiskey and word games finished the day off with fits of giggles. Mild headache this morning.
I hope Lee and Ele had a good Christmas in Sydney. It was strange not having you around, and we missed you. Dad didn’t bother buying any Baileys because you weren’t here. I’ve got a photo for your rucksacks round here somewhere. I’ll post it for you to print out when I find it.